Dienstag, 16. September 2014


It`s over. After 54 days working in Rodellar as a waiter and waterboy for trees I`m finished here. Time to say goodbye and time to move on. I`m not sad leaving Rodellar, but at the same time I won`t have a basecamp now. Just my Renault Kangoo and some parkings close to climbing crags.
During my time in Rodellar it was hot and wet all the time. I found myself always telling me to stop, because I`m here for climbing and traveling, but it turned out to be not as bad as I thought. Friendly workers ( always smiling at work... don`t know why?), mostly friendly customers ( exceptation -- > quotation: " You know what...? fuck you! fuck you!") and nice local climbers to go climbing with at 1pm in the morning ;) . I`m longing for beter conditions in some smaller crags around Lerida. Hopefully friendly people, beautiful landscapes, quite crags, almost no cars and nature. It can be so easy. Let`s see!
Thanks to all the workers and climbers in Rodellar for the time... a list with all the people will be to long.

sore muscles from carrying paellas like this.
I could climb some routes despite my time working here, 40degrees summer heat and 10cm water on the ground. Not as hard as I wanted, but more then I expected. Felt good to climb some routes I couldn`t do last year. Every year some more.

a crabita 8a, Escanciador 8a/8a+, Famila Manson 8a+, Paideia 8a+, Aporia 8a+, Citrus 8a+, Gladiator 8a+/b, La Kanabica 8a+/8b, el bicho 8b and some more.

 .... Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! I almost forgot! I won the yearly dynocontest in Rodellar, (again). Now I`m the proud owner of 11kg ham. Perfect to make new friends!

What will I do now? Climbing a lot and as much as possible. Got my goals and I want to achieve them. First I will visit some vrags close to Lerida to see where I will stay in autumn. There are endless walls and areas to go to. I don`t know where to start and if the autumn is long enough to see enough of them.
 My first days I spent with Marvin, who will stay here for longer too. Really motivating to climb with him. Getting up in the morning and climbing till it gets dark. Getting in shape for harder routes. Seeing some new areas and feeling really small amongst impressive walls down in the canyons.

So enough writing. There is no real news. Let`s climb some rock and have fun!

                                                                    Some impressions:


praying mantis



pulling teeth in Aporia

stay in the shade 

my own 127-hours moment: assholeplant got me


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