Dienstag, 12. August 2014

Spain again

 I did it... again I went to Spain for working on a campground and a bit climbing. After some month in Aachen I decided to go back to Rodellar for 2 months working as a waiter and waterboy for trees. Boring but at least the weather is always good and climbable rock is omnipresent.

After some problems just 1 day before my travel (broken water cooling system), 3 seconds before my travel (broken navigation system), during my travel (for unknown reasons blocked bank account) and 1 hour extra drive (sheep drove on the road) I made it to Rodellar.

The bad thing is the heat and the work in the morning and in the evening till the restaurant is closed and clean, so I have to be patient to climb a lot more in September. Nothing changed here, usual campground business every day.

Untill now I couldn`t climb so much hard routes, but I`m trying to climb a lot to get in a good shape for September. Even if there is so much rock the motivation suffers from working, routine (get up, breakfast, work, climb a bit, shower, eat to much in 30 minutes, prepare tables, run around with food, clean everything, go to bed) and having no more energy to try hard. Sending no routes is normal here, but sucks really bad.
 But I don`t want to complain... I like it and I pretty sure many people hate their jobs more :)

graveyard in Rodellar

For everybody who wants to travel to Spain: Tell me. Maybe we can meet somewhere or I can help you or just pick you up somewhere. See you!

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