Montag, 10. November 2014

Climbing around Lerdia and bouldering in Albarracin

Climbing and bouldering is a good way to spent time outdoors. 2 more month passed really fast. Now as the days are shorter and you start using the headtorch at 18:30 to prepare your dinner time will pass really fast.

The last months I`ve been traveling around Lerdia. Figols, Coniller, Oliana, Tartareu, Camarasa, Terradets, Santa Ana and Agüero friki (not really Lerida). It is impressive how many good small crags Catalunia has to offer. Around every corner there is rock. The good walls are bolted but for sure there is plenty fresh rock left just waiting to be bolted. The landscape is mostly stunning. Green trees, blue rivers and lakes, sun und blue sky, mountain tops and valleys. I like it here!

 I could climb some days with Marvin Winkler in Oliana/Figols. He basiclly crushed every route he tried really quick and could top off the whole rampage of with "Joe Blau" 8c+ in Oliana. For sure he will climb some more hard routes with that appetite. Congrats Marvin!

Furthermore I could climb some days with a really active local "guide". David Gambus, who is maybe one of the most fanatic climbers I ever met. Climbing hard and bolting a lot at the same time. We spent some days climbing in Coniller, which is completly bolted by David. The climbing there is awesome. Not really overhanging, solid rock, good lines, technical climbing and hidden in the mountains. One of the best areas I`ve been so far. Thanks for your hospitality and your house! 


But rope climbing is boring.... after some months. So I went bouldering for some weeks. Last year I`ve been in Albarracin for 2 weeks and I liked it a lot. No questions: Back to Albarracin! Got some friends to meet and some boulders to solve.

When I left Albarracin last year I left it with a project I found on the last day. Untill now no one climbed it. That could be because you have to be tall, really tall. Plus it is good if you like to carry big fridges in your freetime. Good thing for me! After 5 sessions I could link all the 12 moves together. First Ascent of "Abrazo fuerte" 8A.

With "Klem's traverse" in Accantilados I climbed my little dreamline in Albarracin. A traverse really low over the ground from right to left on edges that leads into a technical jump. I had the most problems not to touch the ground with my shoulders or my butt cheeks. A classic boulder in Albarracin. The trip was already a succes for me.

To go climbing with Giani, Till, Ingo, Janine, Mark, Pavel, Danielle, Michael, Kai and Hannah made it even beter. Running through the forest with a pad on your back, finding some problems, work on them, support other in their problems, climb them and having dinner together. That`s how it should be. During the weeks we climbed a bunch of other problems. Not hard, in a way, but challenging in many ways.

Again it is admirable to spend the short days in Albarracin. The village it self and the landscape here is always enjoyable. Especially in autumn when the brick walls share the same colour as the leaves on the trees.

The only thing many boulders should keep in mind:
It is nature! We are guests!
- Keep your dogs on the leash
- Digging a hole in the ground to burry your leftovers after answering the call of nature is really easy... maybe you can even teach your dog to dig the hole!
- It is ok to walk on the paths, but using your car isn`t walking! No cars in the woods!

For more information about the bouldering in Albarracin you can visit: NOROP.ES

If your skin is gone, you can either take a restday or move on to Siurana. Restdays will be good for me, but Siurana is good for me too. Maybe I`ll meet some friends there! Everybody is welcome!


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