Dienstag, 8. April 2014

gaufres feuilletées a la compote de pommes

start left and finish far out right

Someone told me that Belgium is well known for beer... I can`t tell you a lot about belgium beer, but I go there to climb and to eat some waffles filled with appel and other fruity stuff. Really good! If you are interested in beer you should read Micha Vanhoudt blog :)

The last weeks I climbed a lot in small areas in Belgium and could finish some routes I wanted to climb since the last year or even earlier. Despite small holds and some ascent problem due to rain that filled my chalkbag and kept the holds wet, I could finisch my Bomal session with climbing "Yahoo! sortie L'infinimente Songe".
Earned me a waffle!

In Freyr I could climb "13, boulevard du vol" which seems to be the first 8a in Belgium, or even in Europe climbed by Arnoud 't Kint. 
Earned me a waffle!
Last year I left me a project in Modave. I`ve been there to climb the first length of  "Du glucose pour le moineau". The biggst problem there is to climb to route if it´s dry. Last year I failed and this year I came back without big expectations but it felt easy this time. First go I failed in the crux. Climbed it then. Worked out the 8a+ part. Climbed it next try and almost climbed the 8b finish. Really close, but that happens if you are to lazy to work out the last part.
"Du glucose our le moineau" 8a part

Luckily it stayed dry and the next week I had a morning without work. That morning I could climb the route. Really long, overhanging and pumpy for me. 75 moves. What a route!  

Earned me a waffle!

I`ll climb for food!

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