Sonntag, 16. März 2014

solar energy


I really like going back to the crags. Getting up early, some kilometers of lazy driving with the car, talking about how nice the sun is, breakfast in the car and the closer you get to the crag the more you realize how much you like to climb on real rock. In the parking lot you throw all your stuff in a bag or just pick up your packed bag, grab some food and water and you start walking to crag. Slowly recognizing the small paths, the well-known surrounding and maybe some trees. When you finally get there it fells good to be back.
And with a smile on your face you think: That`s how it should be!

But maybe you started a bit early in the year.
Waking up early and it`s still dark! Getting out of the house packed in down jacket, gloves, liters of hot drinks and enough food to make shure you can generate enough energie to reach the crag. If you`re finally there, you can start running up and down to produce some heat for sprinting up the warm-up route. Down on the ground with numb fingers and with a painful grin on your face you think: That`s how it should be!

not cold!

got some bread?
In the last 2 month I experienced both ways. To be true both ways are good ways. Climbing feels good.
I went to some new crags and some old crags and after the last month in the gym I really appreciate the rock... like always!
YES... Winter is dead, but actually it was never born here in germany. No snow, just cold. You can see it on many faces. Smiles that definitely mean spring! Sun everywhere! Time to climb some rock!
What happens next?
With the motivation I could climb some routes I never though I would like and  some routes which I enjoyed a lot from the first try. My highlights for the first days outdoor were:
In the "Kronthal" I could climb "Croute du porc" 8b.

And with "Borderline" 8b in "Berdorf" I climbed a route which I really wanted to climb from my first visit in Berdorf on.

I hope I can climb some more and maybe harder in this year. It started well...

See you out there and have a nice spring on the rock!

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