Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

and it`s gone...

...the money
So what to do? No money? Working in spain? Hmmm... maybe another time. Time to go back. After 5 1/2 months of living in my yellow car, having breakfast under a mostly clear blue sky followed by more good weather, time to climb a lot and time to enjoy living in a way many people can`t, it is time to step into my car again and head back. First of all, before I`ll write a word about Siurana I want to thank everyone I meet on my trip no matter if in Rodellar, on Mallorca, Siurana, Margalef, Zaragoza, Albarracin for making this trip an experience I`ll never forget:

Sorry to everyone I forgot!

Katinka --> KISS! 
El Puente team --> for giving me the opportunity to earn some money in spain and giving me the feeling of   being welcome in a country with an unknown language for me 
Manu/Ainizante --> for being my spanish parents on the campground :) 
Esther/Alex --> for trying hard to teach me some spanish and not giving up on me 
Gemma/Nacho --> for trying to teach me the spanish culture... I need to man up! 
Marc --> for telling dirty jokes all day long! 
Luis/Juan Carlos --> for showing all the hot girls on the campground 
Camping Mascun --> for 200€ ;) 
Tim/Wouter --> for being the netherlands on the campground and climbing ;) 
Sydney-travelling-around-the-world-gang --> for Katinkasitting while I had to work

Caine --> for 2 weeks DWS climbing on any really touristic island 
Daniel --> showing me Mallorca, bouldering and giving me a homebase in Deia 
David --> for a lot climbing and teaching me NOT to accept spanish laws 
Rudolf/Adrian/Peter/Hanno --> the "cova del diablo"-crashcrew and hanging around in the evening Christian/Barby/little Chris --> giving David and me a home on Mallorca, lots of food and showing us the island 
Forty --> climbing and showing the island and climbing crags 

Micha/Nina --> for sharing food, cooking, giving me some space in their campervan even if I smelled like a pig :) 
Tom/Rachel --> england sounds awesome now... one day I`ll have real english breakfast! See you soon! Nick/Julia --> for Climbing and food 
Michelo/Marco --> Canarie boys! for climbing on Mallorca and in Margalef 

Moritz/Julia --> for bouldering fun with a person who is as tall as me but with longer arms and playing around on boulderprojects! 
Johannes --> for an endless appetite and bouldering and climbing in Spain 
Matthias --> for bouldering and climbing in Spain and driving over my shoppings :( 
Rudi/Doro --> for bouldering and hanging around in Albarracin 
Mike/Tim/Harry/Charlie --> for having a lot of fun while bouldering, in the pub and having more fun! 

"little" Manu --> for a place to stay if it is raining, snowing, cold and for having Titolino :) 
Koen --> for being the biggest optimist (which is good) I know and a nice week climbing even with bad      weather 
Alexander --> for climbing and having breakfast in the sun... good mornings! 
Thomas --> for climbing, taking pictures and bringing new motivation to Spain 
Maarten --> for entertaining restdays in Margalef and tons of Nutella! 

Moritz/Katrin/Babs/Chris --> for the best Advent calendar I ever had!

If I have a real home... You`re welcome anytime! Thanks for all!!!

Siurana is a small village some kilometers away of Cornudella de Montsant located high on the top of the mountain, giving you the chance to watch over Sierra de Montsant.... blablabla and so on...

Koen came over for some days of climbing. The bad thing was, that the weather changed. Rain, cold and snow came which made it impossible for some days. Unfortunally the sun kept hiding for some more days which made it hard to climb here in windy conditions. Still we found some areas to climb and we could even send some routes. Koen flashed his first 7c here, onsighted his first 7b and maybe got some frozen feet. So the trip wasn`t that bad at all ;)
I could climb "bio lance" an 8b opend in 2013 by Dani Andrada. The route looks/is really dirty, kind of really ugly but somehow the moves were so good, that I kept working the route and after some days of trying and some days of rest I could climb it. 
Furthermore I could climb the great tufa line "La cara que no miente", which is also more a boulder with big tufapinchholds and a dyno to a good pocket.

 I can`t find all the words to describe my time in Siurana, because even now, about 3 weeks after driving back to Germany, the impression, are fresh in my head, but at the same time already gone for a longer time. Thinking back with closed eyes. Breathing in in Aachen. Meet good freinds, Christmas and new year past me. Starting to exhale. I`m in 2014. Strange! 
Now I`m back in Aachen, which also feels like I left it yesterday for a little party in another city. Have no real home, found work, found some motivation to train again and I`m hoping to save some money to travel again. 
For sure there will be a trip. The question is when...  

My advise for everybody who asked me:
"Are you rich to effort such a long trip? How much money do I need for a trip?": 
Hell no! I`m not rich, but depending on your needs (I think my basic needs are pretty low) you can spend a long time on the road.  
"Where can I sleep? Where did you sleep?": 
Mostly in my car on a parking.  Easy, cheap and still good.
"Were you alone?": 
To be honest, sometimes it felt good be be alone. You can meet many climbers, talk to many strangers, sit in a cafe or go to a bar to meet climbers... and if you`re a climber on a climbing trip in climbing areas where you can do climbing, you`ll find othere climbers there which share the same intrest with you: climbing! A good start for a conversation.
"Isn`t it boring?": 
Depends on what you`re doing and what keeps you motivating. Is working boring? Is your girlfriend/boyfriend boring? On one point everything will be boring, but seeing things from an new angle or little variations changes a lot. Sometimes I was thinking about leaving the climbing areas, because it felt like I`ve seen enough or all. But looking closer or on a differnet place I even felt tired from all the new informations around me. And that is clearly not boring!
A: "Will you ever work?" B: "How will you earn your money?":
A: Yes. No. Now. Later. Tomorrow. We`ll see.
B: Lottery. Work. Gambeling. Circus. Sleeping. No money. I`ll see.
"What did you learn?":
If you have the chance to do a thing you really want to do, don`t miss it. Maybe it`s the only chance and maybe you`ll regret it if you let it go. Do what you can with what you have, where you are. Enjoy life in the moment... plus don`t give a shit what others tell you about your future and what you`re eventually missing while you`re gone.
"I`m to afraid to start a travel.":
Like a friend in spain told me: Man up! 

Happy new year!

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