Sonntag, 1. September 2013


to much skin left next stop it will change

Time is over here in Rodellar. No more work for me. Holidays in France and Spain are over and that`s why nobody wants to stay on the campground.
I could earn some money here. The last weeks I had a lot work (a bit more than I wanted. Had no time for climbing and no energie. Everyday from 13:00 till 16:00 and from 19:00 till the bars closed and everything was clean. From 14. August on everyday work till now.)
I could save some money, (even won a dynocompition on the other campground which gave me 200€ for the journey) had a good time here and now it`s clear where I go after Rodellar.

Palomera offers kid of fresh rock and fresh air in the morning

I already got my tickets for Mallorca. I will go there with Caine form the Netherlands. One month on the island. Rope climbing, deepwatersolo, swiming, relax and seeing the island.
I will be on the island in the mediterranea sea from 01.09 around 23:00 till 01.10 till 11:00. If someone wants to join me, let me know!
Already got the guidebook for climbing and deepwatersolo. To be honest it looks amazing. Everyone I talked to told me it`s amazing so I can`t wait to be there.

Big Manu

Of to the ferry!

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