Mittwoch, 14. August 2013


It`s still hot.
Moscas everywhere.
Wouter and Tim came from the Netherlands to climb and to relax.
Matti and Irena went to Portugal. (Hope you enjoy your time there!)
Katinka is back in the Netherlands.

But before we had somemore icecream because Katinka climbed "L'any que ve tambe"! It is her first 7c! Pretty easy and quick! NICE! Nice finishing for her holidays and a good motivation to come back ;)

I`m working more to earn some more money for the further trip, need more sleep and could climb one route I wanted to climb here. "Colliseum". Guidebook says it`s 40 meters, 8a and overhanging. Long route for sure and pumped forearms!
Here is a video of Urko (strong climber with only one leg) climbing it. Inspiring!

Urko Carmona - Coliseum 8a from WWW.DAMECUERDA.COM on Vimeo.

Maybe I will plan the next weeks, because time here is almost over and right now I don`t know where to go. Mallorca for DWS is good idea, but who knows.
Who wants to join? Where shall we go? VAMOS!

Some people asked for an adress:
Martin Classen y Julieta Montoya 
Calle Unica Rodellar 50 
codigo postal 22144 Bierge Apart Hotel Valle de Rodella

Katinka on "pince sans rire"

in yellow

restdays in bierge


wouter climbing an unkown 7a


rock wrestling
me, katinka, wouter, irena and tim

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