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Germany + Netherlands + UK + Phantasialand = Mallorca

Mallorca... where to start?

I`m on Mallorca right now (around Porto Cristo, Porto Collom San Millor, Santanyi). The island that is know for beach, party and holiday. Climbers know it more for deepwatersoloing. (climbing over water and if you fail/fall you fall into the refreshing sea)
I always wanted to try that kind of climbing. Pretty easy! Only shoes, chalk, pants and a partner. No rope, no crashpad, no harness, no quickdraws, nothing that stops your flow... but kind of fear and for sure new experience in dealing with height if you`re not at the save end of a rope! Now I`m here with my car, camping close to the cliffs if possible, sleeping with the sound of waves in the background, drinking coffie in the moring at the cliffs, waking up in the sun.

wake up
first view

every morning!

Starting easy to get used to the DWS is possible in Cala Barques. Low cliffs, good landings, many people to watch how not to fall and a lot sun to dry after a try. The blue and well tempered water here is mostly calm even if there`s strong wind on the open sea. Compared to the water in the swiming pool it is really soft and even a fall on the head from 7 meters (yes, I landed on my head from 7 meters, fortunately my head isn`t an important part of my body) isn`t painful!
There are some climber who have problems with the height and the water, that they can`t move without shaking like Elvis just 2 or 3 meters over the water. Luckily I`m not that kind of climber. (I had the felling that I can deal with that.)
Feels great. Just climbing, really pure, relaxing and if you fall you have to enjoy it, get into the entry position for the splashdown. No splits! No belly flops! Don`t fall on your back! Don`t look don`t! SPLASH!
Swim to the surface, breathe, floating a bit on the back carried by the waves, while looking up to the point where it went wrong, already thinking over a new solution for finally topping out at the wall.
After that you swim back to a water exit, sitting in the sun, drying your chalkbag and shoes, talking to other climbers and after some rest you try it again.
That`s deepwatersoling in Cala Barques!
smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)

smash it in (crux)
 Other cliffs we`ve been to till now:
Cova del Diablo... nice name! It is different at this cliff. Exposed to the open sea and higher. 18 meters almost everywhere and not so much easy routes. Climbing is steep and powerful. Falling can be bad and getting out of the water is also a bit more demanding than in Cala Barques.
We went here on our 3 day of DWS. Standing at the top: "I won`t jump don`t here!" Caine did it on his first day, but I didn`t dare.... why should I? pretty shure I`ll fall down somewhere from the top, so I don`t have to test it :-)
For almost every line you have to down climb first to get to the start of some routes, a traverse to left or right brings you to other routes. Swmming with a dry-bag is also an option to get to the start, climb up one of 3 ropeladders to reach a rest point to dry again. It`s more work to start climbing. After getting used to the heights here I wanted to try a route which is kind of a dreamroute for me: Loskot and two smoking barrels.
The route starts in the middle of the slightly overhanging wall (Lobster area). First part is easy (around 6b+/6c), followed by a rest and after that 2 harder moves to bring you into the position for a dyno. The dyno isn`t that hard, but the fact that you have to jump 11 or 12 meters over the water and all 4 points cut loose is pretty demanding for your mind. After that you can rest in the dynoholds to get some powerback for the last hard moves at the top.
shortfacts: The first 6 goes I always hit the dynohold but my mind always screamd: "what the fuck? are you crazy? don`t stick that holds!" The hold is good!
my mind hates me!
After some falls from there you get used to the landing and getting wet is quit annoying. So on one moment I stuck it could try the upper part. After 2 falls from the top I could finally top out. Really happy not to fall anymore from there. Perfect line!

here is a little video over the route (I`m not climbing):

Ryan smashing in "Loskot and Two Smoking barrels" 8a+, at Cova del Diablo, Mallorca from Gus Hudgins on Vimeo.

There are plenty of other cliffs for DWS I want to go to (Porto Cristo Novo, Cala Sa Nau, Santanyi, Cala Lombards... ), but the weather isn`t that good.

So the thats why I traveld around a bit visiting nice, little villages at the quite sea... NOT! No romance here! Only party, beach and holiday. It`s like in a big shopping mall, with music in a phantasialand!  Every village or city is the same. No spanish flair!
Even the shops are mainly custom-made for... visitiors from germany, netherlands and the UK.
I`m felling really save here, because even the hospitals, doctors and dentists are specialized on germans... we're different!




Finding a quiet place is really hard, every street here is used for touristic purpose or is private land that leads to a big luxury villa close to the beach.
Furthermore it is really obvious that they have a problem with the rubbish. Cans, plastic, sodabottles, couches, televisions and so on can be found along the streets that are not part of the tourist route. Trash everywhere and it seems like no one cares. Since the time I arrived it`s just getting more. Only in the cities they take care. In the morning, midday and evening they`re busy with cleaning. I`m wondering if the tourist or the inhabitants produce more, because even on the majority of private land (without a villa) it is hardly to miss that they don`t take care of it.
So we hope for better weather to stay away from there ;)
We`ll check out some more rope climbing on the northern part of the island. Many climbers say it is excellent climbing... and many tourists (yes, there`re also tourists) told me (I`m a tourist too) that the landscape and the surrounding should be fantastic.

Some things to write down:
- If someone falls on his back from 16meters. It hurts, but if he isn`t hurt it is really funny. Still dangerous! Never climb alone on a cliff (a boat to get the person out or to help him not to drown is really helpfull!)
- If you`re to weak to climb up again! Don`t go down! Otherwise some people have to save you!
- Jellyfishes hurt!
- Climbers who swim in the water where jellyfishes swim, can swim pretty fast if they touch the jellyfish!
- While climbing with pants on your butt stays white the whole trip


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